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We are the ultimate andon system


Andon App is the modern solution to production monitoring

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Connect your complex network of manufacturing software and factories to Andon App using our 2 simple API calls

Get seamless real-time monitoring for your entire production floor

We generate actionable insights for your team


Real-time production dashboard


Beyond just station status (red/yellow/green), Andon App allows you to monitor production output and pass/fail results from each station on your production floor.

Our color-coded visual display allows you to quickly identify where problems are occurring


Historical trends for manufacturing KPI's

Andon App reports historical trends for all your main manufacturing metrics, including quantity produced, yield, uptime, and many more

This enables you to quickly identify focus areas for improving your manufacturing process


Alert notifications

Stay updated on production issues even when you're not on the manufacturing floor

Our system monitors station status and yield at each workstation and automatically sends notifications when issues arise

This enables your team to provide the highest level of support to production even as they go about their busy days

Getting started with Andon App is incredibly easy