Feature Series - API for recording production data

command line.png

From my days as a manufacturing engineer at an electronics manufacturer I am familiar with burden of having to train operators on how to use a new user interface, and the challenge that can exist with data accuracy when operators are manually recording production data.  Sometimes this is the only way to quickly roll out production monitoring on your production floor, but for a lot of companies manual user input can simple be a no-go for production monitoring.

One of the great features of andon is that we overcome this issue by also offering API calls that allow you to fully automate the process of recording production data.  This can give a completely seamlessly user experience on the production floor- allowing you to post production data to andon from your existing automation.  In fact, using the API calls andon can be implemented in a way that is completely in the background to your existing production process.

As always, we've focused on providing a simple but powerful API solution so you can implement quickly.  For further instructions see the API guide on the support page [link here]- we think you are really going to like how easily the API's can be integrated into your existing production automation.