Feature Series - Auto Refreshing Dashboard


One key concept in lean manufacturing environments is having visual indicators throughout the production floor to allow the team to see the status of a particular line or station.  The idea is that these indicators increase visibility and reduce response time by allowing support teams and management to quickly identify where help is needed.

Andon extends this concept into the modern age with our auto-refreshing production status dashboard (example image above).  This page in the web app has a built-in timer that automatically refreshes the data every 5 minutes- allowing you to set up dedicated screens on your production floor that show this view in real time.  While subtle, this auto refreshing dashboard feature can make a HUGE difference in the effectiveness of your production monitoring.  As always, we've focused on creating a simple but effective way to maximize value with this feature.  For further details on the production status dashboard, see the Review production status guide on the support page [link here]