Feature Series - User Authentication


Authentication is always a challenge when working with software designed for the manufacturing floor, because typically production operators do not have the same account access as their office counterparts.  In a lot of the manufacturing environments that I go into operators do not even have their own corporate email address or operating system logins.  This can cause an issue for SaaS web apps if a base assumption of the software is that the user has a corporate email address.

With andon, we paid special attention here to make sure that our authentication process is seamless regardless of the method used to authenticate the user.  Our web app allows the user to authenticate using any email address or facebook/google/microsoft account.  Once authenticated, your site admin gives the user a token that allows the user access to the org within the web app.  This allows andon to establish common user identity within your org regardless of the login method each user chooses, and allows your site admin to retain control over each individual user's access to the app.  

For more details on adding users to your andon site, see the Create new org & add users guide on the support page [link here]