Metric Series - Status Time

%Status Time.PNG

One of the insightful metrics generated by andon is %Status Time.  This view (example above) shows the time split between red, green, and yellow light status for each line or station.  At the station level this is percent of time spent in each status.  For example, if a given day had 12 hrs in green light status, 8 hrs in yellow light status, and 4 hrs in red light status the split would be shown as 50% green (12/24 hrs), 33% yellow (8/24 hrs), and 17% red (4/24 hrs).  At the line level the same methodology is applied, just that all of the times in each status for each line's station are added together.

Having these insights into how status is trending over time is incredibly useful for root causing production output issues.  This is one simple but clear way that andon extends value beyond a traditional stack light.  The great thing about andon is that these powerful view are generated from very simple red/yellow/green input data.  As always, we focus on maximizing value to you while maintaining an incredibly simple and intuitive platform.  For more details on historical trends, see the guide on the support page [link here].