Metric Series - Qty Produced


In this blog post we will cover the 'Quantity Produced' metric.  This is one of the metrics that is shown in both the production status page and available for charting in the historical trends page.

This metric shows the number of 'passed' units (NOT including 'failed' units) produced off of the line or station.  A the station level, this is simply the number of passed units for that station.  When shown at the line level, it is the number of 'passed' units produced at the last station for the line.  This provides a true indication of the number of units coming off of the line.  If your station sequence needs to be changed, this can be completed in the line and station settings page by using this guide [link here].

While this is a very simple metric, they way in which we've intuitively rolled up the calculation from the station level to the line level enables you to quickly view qty produced across all of your production lines before diving deeper into station level details