Metric Series - Uptime


Another great metric that is automatically generated by andon is %Uptime.  This metric is an excellent way to quickly view how much time is spent building product (when the time counter is running on the 'collect' page) versus the standard number of hours worked in a day.

This metric is calculated using the same methodology regardless of whether it is at the line or station level:  Total amount of time spent producing units / (number of stations x production hours per day).  For example, if an operator at a station logs 4 hrs worth of units produced in the 'collect' page for a given day and there are 8 production hours in that day then the %Uptime would be 50%.  The 'production hours per day' is managed by your org admin in the organization settings page.

With andon, we've focused on delivering powerful metrics like this while still maintaining an incredibly simple user interface.  In the end, this provides your team with a strong suite of metrics for monitoring production performance that will enable you to determine root cause quickly when your team runs into issues