Settings Series - Org Settings


In the upcoming Settings series we are going to cover some of the key settings to review once your Org is created.  We've focused on having the Org creation process as simple as possible, and because of this there are many settings where a 'default' value is used when the Org is created.  By customizing the 'Organization Settings' to meet your needs you can increase the impact that andon makes with your team.

Once you've opened the organization settings page you will see the 'General Settings' section:


Here there are 6 key settings that can be modified:

  1. You can indicate whether or not you want to require a comment when the user changes the light status (red/yellow/green) in the 'Collect' page.  These comments show up in the 'Production Status' report for red and yellow lights
  2. You can indicate whether or not you want to require a comment when the user marks a failure in the 'Collect' page.  These comments show up in the failure pareto page on the 'Production Status' report
  3. You can change the default time zone (you set this initially as part of the org creation).  This time zone is used as the default value in the Metrics page and also is used to determine when to reset the yield alert calculations (yield alerts reset at midnight every night in the time zone indicated here).  You will want to use a time zone that is meaningful to your metric reporting audience.
  4. You can update the 'QTY before yield alert' to indicate the threshold at which yield will be reported as red, yellow, or green in the metrics page.  Any production quantities below this threshold will show up as a 'grey' background on the yield in the 'Production Status' report
  5. Update 'Production hours per day' to change the denominator used in the %Uptime metric in the 'Historical Trends' reporting
  6. Adjust the 'Yellow yield range' to show the threshold for when yield status moves from Green -> Yellow and from Yellow -> Red.  The lower end of the range (when the yield crosses from yellow to red) will also indicate when a yield alert will be generated (assuming the 'QTY before yield alert' threshold has been crossed)

These 6 settings can have a large impact on the reporting that you share with your team, and so you want to make sure you are updating them to meet your needs.  For additional details, see our 'Org Settings' guide (link here) from the Support page.