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Use our API to collect production data


Ideal for production environments where automation is already used

Our public API has two simple calls to seamlessly integrate andon with your existing process and eliminate the need for manual input

Simple setup with our software development kits (SDK's).  Learn more...


Use our web app to collect production data


Ideal for production environments with no automation where the only option is for users to manually input data

Operators can record station status (red/yellow/green), production results (pass/fail), and failure reasons.  UI is easy to use and mobile friendly

Simple operator onboarding - can authenticate users without corporate email address


Track real-time status

Dashboard displays quantity, yield, and status at the line level and station level.  Drill-down views allow you to zero in on the details

Reporting can be shown on monitors on production floor as dashboards are set up to refresh automatically every 5 minutes


Receive alerts when things go wrong


Alerts are sent in the web app and via email whenever red lights are generated or whenever yield falls below a pre-set threshold.  You will always know when your team is facing critical issues

When problems are resolved the alert status is automatically updated



Report process metrics

Historical trend charts display process metrics aggregated at the line or station level, across month, week, or daily intervals

Process metrics include quantity produced, yield, average process time, average failure time, % uptime, and % status time

Display multiple metrics on the same graph for powerful insights into historical trends



Get started in no time

Andon App is designed for ease of setup.  Where other systems take weeks or months to get set up, Andon App takes just minutes

We do this by using modern software architecture built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform - a secure and stable cloud solution.  This eliminates the need for complicated IT support and enables you to see a return on your investment immediately by going live with Andon App today

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