Trying the demo org

Click on the main menu icon in the upper left corner of Andon App and select ‘Select org’


Push the ‘JOIN DEMO ORG’ button


In the popup, enter your first and last name, then push the ‘JOIN’ button.  Note that if you record data (in the ‘collect’ page) in the demo org this name may be shown to other users of the demo org


The system will add you as a user in an org named ‘Demo Org’ and automatically take you to the ‘metrics’ page.  This is a fully functioning demo in which you have access to both the ‘collect’ page and ‘metrics’ page.  This demo is pre-loaded with 6 months of historical data (data snapshot refreshed daily) that allows you to learn how to generate historical trend charts prior to collecting data for your org.  It is also a great tool to use for training without causing any data quality issues in your own org


When you are added to this org your email alert notifications for the Demo Org are turned off by default, but that can also be modified as outlined in the Notifications & notification settings instructions


You can continue to be a member of the demo org as long as you want, and can always re-access the demo org on the ‘Select org’ page by finding ‘Demo Org’ in the org dropdown


When you are ready to leave the demo org, push the ‘LEAVE DEMO ORG’ button.  You will see a ‘success’ notification and will no longer see ‘Demo Org’ in the org dropdown.  You can rejoin at any time by repeating the above process


Ready to create your own org in Andon App?  Click here for instructions

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