Notifications & notification settings

In the upper left hand corner of Andon App you will see the notifications icon next to the main menu.  The notifications icon will appear 1 of 3 ways:

  1. White bell – this indicates no active notifications
  2. Red bell – this indicates active notifications that have not been resolved
  3. Red bell with yellow number – This indicates active notifications that have not yet been viewed.  The number indicates the number of unviewed notifications

Push the notifications icon to bring up the notifications panel


The notifications panel includes several items:

A list of currently active alerts-

If you a member of multiple org’s, alerts will be listed here for all orgs.  Alerts appear on the list one of 3 ways:

  1. A station's status is updated to ‘red light’ (alert shown with a red background)
  2. A station’s yield crosses the ‘red’ threshold (alert shown with a red background) and has reached the minimum quantity produced as established in the settings.
  3. A custom alert is created (shown with a blue background)

Alerts and alert options (view line, view station, etc) appear to users based on their authorization level.

A list of recently resolved alerts-

These are alerts that have been resolved within the past 24 hrs.  Once beyond 24 hrs the alert will drop off the resolved list

Button to create a (custom) alert- details in remaining steps

Button to manage notification email settings- details in remaining steps


Push the ‘CREATE ALERT’ button to create a custom alert.  This will show a custom alert popup.

Custom alerts are intended to give users an option for sending notifications that are not due to red lights or low yield

Fill out the fields in the custom alert popup.  The ‘visible to auth level and above’ option allows a user to control who sees the alert:

  • Collect: all users
  • Metrics: Metrics, Collect + metrics, and Admin users
  • Collect + metrics: Collect + metrics and Admin users
  • Admin: only admin

The ‘auto-resolve on’ field allows you to set when the alert will automatically resolve (it can be resolved sooner in the notification panel if needed)


Push the settings ‘gear’ button to manage notification email settings.  By default the app will not send notification emails for alerts, however this can be modified in the settings page

First establish the global notification settings (these are the default settings to be used across all orgs you are a member of):

  • Enable notifications- when checked, this will send an alert notification to the provided email address when an alert is generated
  • Enable resolution notifications- when checked, this will also send an email to the provided email address when an alert is resolved

Then establish org-specific notification settings.  Note: this is only required if you want to override the global notification settings with different settings for a specific org you are a member of.  If the global settings are acceptable for every org, this step can be skipped

Finally, push the save button to save any changes


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